Program Objectives & Employability

Our philosophy

The modules of ACT's BA in English, Communication & New Media are structured in a way that provides a sound knowledge of the relevant disciplines but also a number of transferrable skills that will enhance the profile of the English graduate with a practical and professionally oriented dimension.

Our curriculum is flexible, featuring many elective options, in order to accommodate the needs of each student in regards to their interests and their future career objectives. We aim to cater to different fields within the subject of English and thus provide the best suited basis for individual future studies and career choices, be it in teaching, publishing or media fields. All decisions made are based on this "knowledge-skills-employability" axis.

Program objectives

Following the BA in English, Communication & New Media at ACT you will be able to:

  • develop your conceptual, analytical, critical, and creative skills for academic and professional purposes;
  • learn through integrated multimedia materials and new technologies, and with a combination of theoretical and creative tasks;
  • explore innovative approaches to assessment, and follow a self-reflective approach to learning;
  • become a more astute reader, critical thinker, and effective communicator;
  • adapt to change and strive for life-long learning and self-development;
  • operate efficiently and innovatively in dynamic multicultural academic and working environments;
  • cultivate your confidence, open-mindedness, collaborative ethos and a commitment to collective and individual progress;
  • continue into postgraduate studies or work in professional settings, properly equipped with the knowledge and skills that these require.

Future employability

Graduates of English will be equipped with transferrable skills to be used in areas as diverse as teaching, PR, media, copywriting, publishing, advertising, etc. The program follows the latest professional and academic developments in these fields and aspires to maintain a pioneer academic presence in the area.

Concerning professional practices specifically, the requirements and restrictions posed by the Greek government relating to professional degree recognition has also led to the adding of more practical, hands-on components within the courses of future value in the market

With a Bachelor's degree in English, Communication & New Media from ACT you could be working in:

  • publishing - writing and editing books, marketing books, etc;
  • creative writing and scriptwriting
  • political communication
  • interpretation & translation
  • journalism
  • copywriting and editing
  • public relations
  • advertising and marketing
  • teaching english
  • various media outlets

The possibilities are endless, and you can always tailor your BA in English degree to your needs!


Structure of the Program

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Program Objectives & Employability

Our philosophy The modules of ACT's BA in English, Communication & New Media are structured in a way that...


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