Why Study Biological Sciences at ACT

ACT’s four-year BS program in Biological Sciences is launching as a culmination of its 15-year past experience in developing and delivering STEM curriculum in collaboration with leading American educational institutions, such as Northeastern University and Washington University. This degree will provide graduates with a solid foundation of scientific knowledge from the molecular to the ecosystemic level, but also equip them with practical laboratory experience and research skills which are essential and valuable in a wide range of advanced studies or employment options.

  • Be exposed to the breadth of biological sciences, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of modern biology.
  • Gain a solid foundation to the scientific concept necessary, and train with the latest technological tools used in the field and in research.
  • Receive hands-on education and teaching by a highly qualified faculty made up of academics and scientists with years of research experience.
  • Learn to conduct your own research, design and execute scientific investigations, analyses and interpret data, and effectively communicate your findings.
  • Experience science in ACT’s state-of-the-art labs: the General & Organic Chemistry Lab, the Biology & Microbiology Lab, the Physics Lab, as well as the Computer Labs, fully equipped for all your needs.

More about the labs

The labs at ACT are equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory instruments and devices in order to carry out molecular, biochemical and physiological analyses. These include qualitative and quantitative determination of gene expression, study of metabolic pathways and investigation of physiological parameters under stressful conditions. The laboratory facilities give students access to an impressive array of technologies, equipment, and apparatuses. Combined with the expertise of the faculty members who run the labs and carry out numerous research projects, students have the space and support to grow scientifically and become part of a flourishing academic community.

Did you know that at ACT you can...

  • Combine your Biological Sciences major with a minor from another division or discipline, building a CV that will give you the competitive edge in today’s market.
  • Follow the program in parallel with your studies at the Greek public university thanks to the flexibility of the American educational system at ACT, graduating with an additional degree in less time.
  • Begin your studies in September, but also in January!



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