Program Courses

In the face of global challenges such as climate change and environmental management, population growth and food security, and biotechnology and human health, the Biological Sciences have never been more important. Recent discoveries in the field have advanced at breathtaking speeds with beneficial outcomes for mankind. 

ACT’s four-year BS program in Biological Sciences is the culmination of its 15-year past experience in developing and delivering STEM curriculum in collaboration with leading American educational institutions, such as Northeastern University and Washington University.

This degree provides graduates with a solid foundation of scientific knowledge from the molecular to the ecosystemic level, but also equips them with practical laboratory experience and research skills which are essential and valuable in a wide range of advanced studies or employment options. 

Degree Requirements

  • Anatomy and Physiology 115: Integrated Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • Anatomy and Physiology 116: Integrated Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • Biology 112: Principles of Biology
  • Biology 113: General Biology 2
  • Biology 201: Foundations of Microbiology
  • Biology 230: Genetics and Molecular Biology
  • Biology 299: Inquiries in the Biological Sciences
  • Biology 320: Biochemistry
  • Biology 330: Cell Biology and Histology
  • Biology 350: Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
  • Biology 410: Principles of Epidemiology and Public Health
  • Biology 420: Environmental Health and Toxicology
  • Biology430: Biotechnology Principles and Applications
  • Biology 450: Immunology
  • Biology 493: Thesis I
  • Biology 494: Thesis II
  • Chemistry 117: Chemistry for Biological Sciences
  • Chemistry 215: Organic Chemistry I
  • Chemistry 216: Organic Chemistry II
  • Computer Science 105: Introduction to Programming I
  • Mathematics 120: Calculus I for Science and Engineering
  • Philosophy 310: Bio Ethics
  • Physics 120: University Physics I, for Science and Engineering
  • Psychology 101: Introduction to Psychology
  • Statistics 206: Statistics with R
  • Nutrition 130: Fundamentals of Human Nutrition
  • Senior Seminar
  • One Free Elective
  • Practicum - Internship

Senior Seminar (topics)

  • Topics in Community health
  • Topics in Development and Differentiation
  • Topics in Evolutionary Medicine
  • Topics in Human Genetics
  • Topics in Immunology
  • Topics in Neuropathological Mechanisms
  • Topics in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Topics in Social Medicine

General Education Requirements (GER)

In addition to the above major courses, student must complete the following GER courses

  • Economics 101: Introductory Macroeconomics
  • English 101: Composition I
  • English 102: Composition II
  • English 204: Advanced College English Skills
  • History 120: The Modern World
  • One Art course from (English 120 or Art 120 or Music 120)
  • Philosophy 101: Introduction to Philosophy and Critical Reasoning
  • Politics 101: Contemporary Politics



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