Graduate Certificate in Trauma and Resilience in Educational Environments


The demand for professionals who can deliver trauma-informed practices in educational and healthcare settings is on the rise, especially when most are so often over-tasked and under-resourced to prioritize self-care. The Graduate Certificate in Trauma and Resilience in Educational Environments provides an interdisciplinary curriculum that integrates psychology, research, and trauma-informed practices. Graduate students will be taught how to practice self-care, network with other professionals and expand their knowledge and skills of trauma-informed and resilience-building techniques that they can implement for themselves and for communities served.

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Who should consider this certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Trauma and Resilience in Educational Environments is aimed at practicing professionals from a range of disciplines and professional settings where interacting with traumatized children, young people, families, and communities is common, including social work, policing and criminal justice, education, and health. The flexible online format allows working professionals to balance their studies with their busy schedules, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to make a positive impact in their work settings.

Learning objectives

  • Understand how to support students and staff who have experienced trauma and adapt the learning environment to successfully meet their academic, socio-emotional, and behavioral needs
  • Increase awareness among helping professionals about the prevalence and nature of trauma experiences among diverse population groups and experiences and the role resilience plays in creating positive future health outcomes
  • Create safer, more supportive and empowering environments
  • Pursue areas of study about trauma that are of particular interest to their practice or professional development in a broad range of clinical and non-clinical settings

Career outcomes

In addition to building a foundation on trauma-informed practices in educational environments, graduates will also gain the transferrable skills, knowledge, and expertise sought-after by employers in various sectors. Graduates may choose to explore career opportunities in health, education, human services, as well as government and non-governmental agencies and healthcare organizations.

Courses included


Flexible Delivery: One week face-to-face and one week online teaching (synchronous teaching and asynchronous work)

  • Starting September 23, 2024: PSY 515, PSY 520* & PSY 570
  • Starting April 7, 2025: BUS MAN 433

*PSY 520 is fully online 2hrs/week.

Admission requirements

  1. A Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in any field of study, preferably in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences.
  2. An interview with Admissions, and a CV should be submitted along with the application form.
  3. Proficiency in the English language evidenced through a B2 certification in English Language. ACT graduates and graduates from other accredited English-speaking institutions are not required to submit evidence of Proficiency in the English language.
  4. The program coordinator will be conducting individual interviews with candidates that will also be taken into account before admission. 

If you have already set up your mind and wish to apply to this program, please submit the application available here.

Completion requirements

To successfully complete the certificate program, students must achieve a minimum GPA of 2.33 in the four courses taken. Note: A GPA of 2.33 is equivalent to a C+.

For more information

Reach out with any questions or concerns about the program:

ACT Admissions Office
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Tel: (+30) 2310 398 398


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