Minor in Computer Science

Brief Description

The minor in Computer science provides to students, who are completing a bachelor’s degree in another field of study, the fundamentals in a number of computer science fields. There are two options one focusing in Programming and Databases and a second in Programming and Networks. A number of interesting electives are periodically available to students in digital media, web programming, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, etc. (not available to Business Computing majors)

Minor Requirements

  • CS 105: Intro to Programming
  • CS 106: Programming II
  • CS 215: Data Structures
  • CS 205: Databases I
  • CS 312: Databases II
  • CS 325: Distributed Applications
  • Capstone Project*

*The capstone project is not a regular course, it an independent project undertaken by the student under agreement with a faculty advisor. The faculty advisor provides only supervision and assessment of the project and not regular instruction. Upon completion of the project and by the pre-agreed deadline the student submits the project to the faculty advisor, who then assesses it and report the pass or fail grade (pass ≥ 75%) to the registrar’s, who in turn issues the certificate. The registrar’s will keep all projects on file for a minimum of 2 years.



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