Minor in Multimedia and Web Development

Brief Description

The minor in multimedia and web development focuses in the new media. The topics taught include interactive media production, professional web design, web programming and mobile app development. Students acquire a solid foundation in multimedia and web development software applications and design issues. They work in the areas of web page design, image design, creation and manipulation, image composition, 2-D graphics, and audio and video production and integration.

The students work in state-of-the-art multimedia labs, where they learn how to use software applications from Adobe Professional Suite, Autodesk and Android Studio. They produce web sites, create 2- D imagery, design sound for multimedia products, develop skills in nonlinear digital video editing and mobile application development.

Graduates of this program are pursuing careers in this fascinating and rapidly expanding field, entering the market as media producers, information architects, web designers and app developers.

Minor Requirements

  • CS 105: Intro to Programming
  • CS 107: Multimedia I
  • CS 207: Multimedia II
  • CS 206: Web Development
  • CS 306: Advanced Web Development
  • CS 300: Mobile Applications
  • Capstone Project*

*The capstone project is not a regular course, it an independent project undertaken by the student under agreement with a faculty advisor. The faculty advisor provides only supervision and assessment of the project and not regular instruction. Upon completion of the project and by the pre-agreed deadline the student submits the project to the faculty advisor, who then assesses it and report the pass or fail grade (pass ≥ 75%) to the registrar’s, who in turn issues the certificate. The registrar’s will keep all projects on file for a minimum of 2 years.



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