BS in Business Administration with Kogod

2+2 Program with Kogod School of Business in Washington, DC

The School of Business at ACT has been offering the most competitive undergraduate studies that lead to a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with concentrations in the fields of Finance, Entrepreneurial Management, Marketing, and International Business.

ACT also gives students the chance to follow an intercollegiate program which allows them to spend two (2) years studying at ACT and another two (2) years to finish their studies in the US, at the American University in Washington.

Thanks to ACT’s exclusive partnership with Kogod School of Business of the American University, a prominent business school in the US, students gain international experience and earn their degree from the American University, which serves as an ideal springboard for future career opportunities.

The program can lead to one of the following degrees: Bachelor in Business Administration, Bachelor in Accounting, Bachelor in Finance, and Bachelor in Business and Entertainment.

Lower cost of studies

Our exclusive agreement with Kogod ensures that the total tuition cost for all four years of studies will be much lower than tuition normally paid by students at a US institution. This is due to the fact that during the first two years of studies, students are asked to pay the ACT tuition fees, which are significantly lower than those of the American University in Washington.


Prospective students apply to ACT and, if eligible, get accepted into both institutions. Their studies begin at ACT, before they move on to the American University after two years.

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