Celebrating the civic vocation of ACT students and alumni

Earlier this spring the Dukakis Center at ACT -- The American College of Thessaloniki --  hosted a small reception and workshop in the Bissell Library for graduates and staff who ran for public office in local elections last October. The reception was an integral part of the Dukakis Center’s Fifth… More

Meet the interns

The Dukakis Center has played host to a lively group of interns thus far during the 2023-24 academic year. They have been active in two capacities, doing research for an ongoing project on extant housing built for refugees from Asia Minor in the greater Thessaloniki area, and carrying out various… More

Serge Hadjimihaloglou, Esq. in memoriam

The Dukakis Center mourns the passing of long time Anatolia College Trustee Serge Hadjimihaloglou, Esq. Serge was a great friend of the Center, and delivered a special lecture on property rights, one of his specialisms as a lawyer, in November 2004, during our fifth anniversary season. Serge Hadjimihaloglou, Esq., ACT Trustee: “Inventors,… More

Dukakis Center Live on election administration in the US

Dukakis Center director David Wisner welcomed two guests to a special episode of Dukakis Center Live this past Friday night for an informative discussion of election administration in the United States. Coming at the tail end of the Center’s fifth annual Civil Society Forum, the program was the culmination of… More