Current Interns

Elta Ago is a sophomore majoring in English with a concentration in Communications and New Media. She was born and raised in Albania. Since she was a teenager she has been exposed to an international environment of people from all around the world which has helped her have a broader view in life. In 2023-2024 Elta will provide support on assigned tasks, with a focus on Greek culture and geography.

Agapi Farra is a sophomore studying Politics and International Relations at ACT. She already holds a degree in Social Anthropology and History (University of the Aegean). She is a Fellow at NATO's Innovation Hub and after graduating she is planning to pursue a master's degree in Diplomacy and International Affairs. She will contribute to the Dukakis Center project "Old Houses in Greater Thessaloniki".

Michael Hatsiulis is a freshman at ACT, majoring in Political Science and International Relations. He is deeply interested in global politics, and is hoping to get involved in both on a systemic and journalistic manner after graduation. In 2023-24, he will intern at the Dukakis Center, working on projects promoting citizenship and civic engagement.

Katerina Mourmanidou studies Architectural Engineering at Aristotle University and is a scholarship recipient at ACT, where she is majoring in Psychology. Her parallel studies were inspired by a love for both art and the human psyche. Currently she is also working as Resident Assistant (RA) at ACT. She will intern at the Dukakis Center in 2023-24, where she working on the project on "Old Houses in Greater Thessaloniki."

Dimitra Perikou is a sophomore studying Politics & International Relations at ACT, simultaneously with her studies in Sociology at Panteion University (Athens). She is innately curious about humanity and societies, how they function and interrelate. After her undergraduate studies she plans to pursue a master’s degree in Social Change, with a focus on research, teaching, and journalism. In 2023 – 2024 she will take part in the Dukakis Center project"Old Houses in Greater Thessaloniki."

Panagiota (Naya) Ravdidou is a junior at ACT majoring in Political Science & International Relations. Prior to studying at ACT, she volunteered for various organizations such as ActionAid Hellas, which gave her a unique perspective on the many social and political issues that the world faces today. For her internship at the Dukakis Center in 2023-24 she will undertake research for the "Old Houses in Greater Thessaloniki" project.

Jack Roberts is a study abroad student visiting ACT from American University in Washington, DC. He is pursuing a B.A. in International Studies and plans to attend law school upon graduation. Outside of academics, Jack has three years of experience at international nonprofits, most recently in Washington DC. He is excited to work on projects which promote citizenship and civic engagement.

Jasmine Trunkenpolz is a sophomore at ACT, where she is studying Political Science and International Relations. Born in Austria and raised in South Africa, Jasmine's upbringing has fostered a unique perspective on global affairs and an appreciation for the interconnectedness of nations. She will contribute to the Center's research projects at the Dukakis Center, where she looks forward to exploring Thessaloniki's rich history and uncovering its present-day realities.