Current Interns

Tea Cvetkovic is a Sophomore at ACT majoring in International Relations. She is a Serbian with a dual citizenship (French and Serbian) and has lived her whole life in Kuwait. Being raised in a different culture while being from Serbia has really opened her eyes to the diversity around the world, hence why she is pursuing a career in International Relations and, hopefully, an MA in criminology. Tea is currently the head of the ACT Model UN club. During the 2021-22 academic year, she will be interning at the Dukakis Center and contributing to various research projects there.

Chryssie Kioulmouratoglou is a Senior at ACT majoring in English Communication and New Media. Her Greek heritage has led her to pursue parallel studies in the department of History and Ethnology, Democritus University of Thrace, with a focus on Art History. In the future she aims to combine her love for the Greek language, art, and culture with her fascination for American culture to create a unique learning experience for international students. Since 2019 Chryssie has been a member of the Dukakis Center team, where she is currently a senior communications intern and production assistant for the monthly web tv program “Dukakis Center Live.”

Arsa Sota is a Senior in Computer Science from Durrës, Albania. Prior to matriculating at ACT she worked at United Youth Journalists, an international initiative led by a group of teenagers from all over the world. Arsa's senior thesis entails creating a movie website where users can fill questions about their personality and receive a movie recommendation. She will be an infomatics intern at the Dukakis Center in 2021-22, and will design a virtual exhibition of Dukakis Center banners and posters, to open in November 2021.