Think Tanks & Research Institutes

We find ourselves at a moment in time when think tanks and research and policy institutes are proliferating and coming into their own as an integral piece of the fabric of civil society, not only in the United States, where they have a long and distinguished legacy, but across the globe as well.

The Dukakis Center undertakes applied research on select topics. One of the Center’s roles is to function as a small, issue-centric think tank. 

The Center is an active partner in networks forged by the following organizations:

The Dukakis Center also collaborates with think tanks and civil society organizations in Greece and elsewhere in Europe. The Center hosts the annual Thessaloniki Civil Society Forum and frequently co-hosts public events with local and international partners.

The Dukakis Center mourns the sudden passing on November 30, 2021, of Dr. James McGann, founder and director of the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program at the University of Pennsylvania, with whom the Dukakis Center collaborated on three occasions between 2019 and 2021.

Athens-based institutions

Thessaloniki-based organizations