Lectures and Residential Fellows

The Dukakis Center organizes lectures, seminars, round tables, public readings, and master classes featuring prominent practitioners, scholars, and publicists. To commemorate our twentieth anniversary season, the Center welcomed Professors Charles Stewart III of MIT and Jeffrey Engel of SMU, Greek journalists Tasos Telloglou and Pavlos Tsimas, whistleblowers John Kyriakou and James Wasserstrom, Alan Makovsky of the Center for American Progress and Epaminondas Christofilopoulos of the Millenium Project, a group of senior Greek and Turkish experts on geopolitics in the Aegean, and representatives of leading Greek and international think tanks and civil society organizations. Early in 2020 we also hosted the Democratic Global Presidential Primary for American voters living in Thessaloniki and Northern Greece, in collaboration with Democrats Abroad Greece.

In support of ACT’s academic and degree programs, the Dukakis Center also hosts a regular seminar series featuring younger scholars and non-academic specialists. Events in this series have included presentations by the Beetroot design group, the “Pleiades” Polyphonic traditional music ensemble, master vintner Evangelos Gerovassiliou, Giorgos Toulas of Parallaxi and Thessaloniki Allios, Popi Asteriadou of TV100, Ioanna Fotopoulou of Impact Hub Athens, and interfaith activist Ángela María Arbeláez Arbeláez.

The Dukakis Center collaborates with a wide variety of partner institutions in hosting these and other events and activities. Recent partners have included the Navarino Network, the French Institute of Thessaloniki, Feast Thessaloniki, Reworks Music Festival, the University of Macedonia Research Institute, Transparency International Greece, and Eliamep. Events are held at ACT and at various venues off campus in Thessaloniki, Athens, and beyond.

Finally, the Dukakis Center occasionally hosts Residential Fellows for terms of a few days to several weeks. Fellows deliver public lectures, interact with the ACT community, and work on personal research projects.

Over the years scholars and practitioners as diverse as historians Mark Mazower and Thanos Veremis, authors Thea Halo and Peter Balakian, classicists Angelos Chaniotis and Jenifer Neils, film makers Christos Nikoleris and Stavros Psillakis, diplomats Nicholas Burns and Alvaro de Soto, and journalists Stephen Grey and Landon Thomas have visited ACT under the auspices of the Dukakis Center.