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Our courses are taught by a mix of academic faculty and seasoned professionals with exceptional academic credentials and substantial managerial and executive leadership experience in organizations across the world and including Greece and Southeast Europe. They are in touch with current business issues, and bring a wealth of practical business knowledge, and pragmatic thinking, to the classroom.

We are the only program in Northern Greece that’s accredited by NEASC, the accrediting body of the most prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, MIT, and Brown.

  • Study at world class facilities on a true college campus.
  • A program with a distinct international flavor with students from Greece, the U.S., Bulgaria, FYROM, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Russia, Germany, and Austria among others.
  • A program that provides access to the network of over 10,000 Anatolia and ACT alumni that lead industry and government organizations across the world.
  • The only program backed by 130 years of experience in education and the name Anatolia College.

The program at a glance

Published in MS in Hospitality and Tourism Management sections

Program of Study

Quarter 1

  • MBA-FIN 540: Corporate Finance
  • MBA-BUS 580: Strategic Management

Quarter 2

  • MBA-STAT 505: Applied Statistics for Business Decisions
  • MBA-MNGT 525: Operations Management

Quarter 3

Any 3 of the following:

  • MS 535: HR in Hotel & Tourism
  • MS 545: Hospitality Management
  • MS 532: Marketing for Tourism
  • MS 562: Events management
  • MS 565: Destination Management
  • MS 585: Tourism e-business

Quarter 4

  • MS 595: Internship
  • MS 598: Thesis course
Core Courses   4 
Electives   3
Internship   1
Thesis   1
Total Number of Credits   36
Total Number of Courses   9

Suggested schedule



The duration of the whole program could vary from: A 12-month period, for those attending on a full-time basis, or A 24-month period, for those selecting a part-time basis.


Admission Requirements

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To be considered for admission, candidates must:

  • Hold a Bachelor degree
  • Demonstrate competency in the English language

Although the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is recommended and strengthens the application, it is not required.

For more in-depth information regarding your admission and further requirements, please

read more



What we offer

Published in MS in Hospitality and Tourism Management sections

A highly flexible Master's program that is tailored to your needs

  • A Master's program you can complete in 1 year, with only 3 quarters of studies at ACT.
  • Classes held twice a week in the afternoon, to accommodate working professionals and those living outside of Thessaloniki.
  • Thesis can be included within the time frame of the program.

Guaranteed internship placement for all

  • ACT has developed strategic partnerships in order to provide all MS in Hospitality and Tourism Management students with an internship during their final semester, stretching from May to September
  • Strong industry synergies with hotels, associations, agents, etc.
  • Expected collaborations and exchange programs with famous US colleges.

MS in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Published in MS in Hospitality and Tourism Management

Remain competitive within the tourism and hospitality industry.
Enter the field for the first time as a trained professional.
You may be striving for pure personal growth, or you may want to start your own business.
You may be pursuing a top management position, or you may already be there – without the advanced business training the position demands.


Combined Degrees

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ACT has secured exclusive partnerships with leading EU and US universities and colleges in their respective fields, offering students the opportunity to gain international experience while completing their studies abroad.



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During 2014, more than 400 individuals have reached out to the Entrepreneurship Hub giving us the opportunity to interact with them and the entrepreneurial community for more than 6 hours each on average (seminars, training, evaluation etc).

The Entrepreneurship Hub has attracted prominent business figures to strengthen its network. In its first year of operation more than 30 invited speakers and a network of 10 mentors have supported its activities. We have also launched supporting legal and accounting services with Deloitte to facilitate participant teams with their important initial decisions and steps.

Venture Garden

Venture Garden was conceived and is operated and managed by Anatolia Business School in Thessaloniki & ALBA Graduate Business School in Athens, with the support of The Hellenic Initiative

The joint project aims at supporting and helping people nurture their entrepreneurial mindset and work on their specific ideas, through a blended learning educational process, totally adjusted to the participants’ profile, needs and business potentialities. It is also important to note that the project and the courses included are free of charge and correspond to all people that want to comprehend the business environment and the operation of a sustainable enterprise. VentureGarden’s innovation lies on the fact that the project’s core-philosophy focuses on the person, rather than the idea. Taking into consideration this principle, the joint project welcomes all interested participants regardless of the entrepreneurial characteristics of their idea.
VentureGarden’s educational process consists of two stages of different content and scope of work that are however, completely aligned with the project’s main objective; to help people define their needs, explore their capacities and set the roadmap of their entrepreneurial goals. More specifically:

  • A rigorous 5 week classroom based activity with two courses per week facilitated by a professor and delivered by experienced specialists. The initial stage is repeated twice a year (Spring and Fall)
  • A 12 month support and mentoring phase built around a customized roadmap to entrepreneurial success. The formal training stage leads to 12 months of elective courses (online, self-taught and/or classroom based) in additional to mentoring. The process is based on a specific roadmap that each participant designs with the support of mentors, entrepreneurs in residence and project staff. Participants graduate after these 12 months and become the project’s alumni.

The John & Mary Pappajohn Business Plan Awards

The Annual John & Mary Pappajohn Business Plan contest awards the 5 best business plans among the ones submitted (annual application over 100). It is open to young people interested in starting up their own business in the city of Thessaloniki and its broader area. Winners of the contest are also provided with mentoring support to help them turn their ideas into real businesses. This support includes access to ACT’s resources and counseling from the Business School’s faculty and a network of business practitioners.

An important part of the evaluation process is also be the entrepreneurial skills of the participants, which will be evaluated during the presentations of their ideas that they will be required to deliver. The key features that are evaluated are the innovation, the viability and growth potential of the proposed idea. In parallel participants are judged based on their communication skills, their enthusiasm, their expertise in the sector of the proposed.

The John & Mary Pappajohn Business Plan Award competition has 4 phases:

  • Phase1: All interested parties should submit their ideas (brief description up to 300 words)
  • Phase 2: Interview to evaluate readiness to complete business plan and launch.
  • Phase 3: Authoring of complete business plans based on the ideas selected after phase 2. Before the final submission there is a seminar on how to author a business plan and a short presentation of the plans (with the progress up to that point) to aid candidates and provide some feedback while authoring their plans.
  • Phase 4: Participants are asked to deliver a presentation based on their completed business plans and the judging committee will select the 5 winning plans.

Entrepreneurship Camp for Children

Anatolia caters for a broad age spectrum from kindergarten to postgraduate studies and as such is uniquely positioned to change the entrepreneurial culture. Leveraging on this competitive advantage we launched entrepreneurship workshop camps for children in grades 5,6,7 and 8 in 2015. The entrepreneurship summer camp program - Young Business Creators - conducted by the Entrepreneurship Hub implements the know-how of the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurship Center in University of Iowa, which has a history of successes of almost 20 years.



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The Entrepreneurship Hub’s mission is to change the culture around entrepreneurship by:
Increasing social awareness of entrepreneurship surfacing the talent, focus and enthusiasm required to undertake entrepreneurial endeavors as well as the social and economic uptake resulting from entrepreneurship.

Training the entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing the identification of essential resources (mentors, initial investors, methods for feeling the market, key partners etc)
Networking to facilitate the reach of the essential resources.

Exploiting social awareness and training to surface the basic ingredients of entrepreneurship across society and steer social conception towards the regenerative role of entrepreneurial activities which lead socioeconomic growth.

Facilitating entrepreneurs to fully apply their potential within a receptive and encouraging environment by providing clear direction on important decisions they have to make.


About the Hub

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The Entrepreneurship Hub aims to bridge existing gaps in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and leverage on existing structures. Entrepreneurship is a team sport and the Entrepreneurship Hub acts as the glue to bring ecosystem stakeholders together and provide with a sturdy springboard for entrepreneurial activity to launch.

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