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In Fall 2020, ACT is planning to deliver its normal academic offerings with very little deviation. We are preparing for an on-campus delivery, but at the same time, since the virus crisis is not over, we are also developing all the necessary protocols and mechanisms that will ensure that campus presence is safe. Recognizing that some students may not be able to physically come to campus, we are also developing the necessary infrastructure that can accommodate them with real-time electronically mediated instruction.

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Advanced Business English

Advanced Business English


Θα θέλαμε να σας ενημερώσουμε πως το Lifelong Learning Center του ACT έχει προβλέψει και έχει λάβει όλα τα απαραίτητα μέτρα ασφάλειας, υγιεινής και προστασίας έναντι του κοροναϊού και προσφέρει τα προγράμματά του διά ζώσης, σύμφωνα με τις διατάξεις που έχουν ανακοινωθεί. Στην περίπτωση που υπάρξουν νεότερες οδηγίες, το ACT διαθέτει όλο τον εξοπλισμό για τη βέλτιστη συνέχιση του προγράμματος και online.

Το παρόν πρόγραμμα διδάσκεται εξ ολοκλήρου στα αγγλικά.

Program Overview

The Advanced Business English program instructs participants in all aspects of professional communication including writing, reading, speaking and listening. It offers opportunities for vocabulary enrichment and structural improvement specific to participants’ professional communication.

Learning Objectives

The Advanced Business English program focuses on:

  • Writing: Participants will learn the format of various key business documents including emails, reports, proposals, etc. Through the focus on written communication, participants will improve and develop their ability to use clear, concise and grammatically correct language.
  • Speaking: Participants will develop their fluency and speaking skills.
  • Reading: A variety of reading texts will be exploited for language improvement and awareness of various text types. The subjects of the texts will be chosen to appeal to participants’ interests.
  • Listening: The listening skills section has been designed to dovetail with the subjects of the reading texts. Students will enhance listening skills both through listening to the chosen pieces and through the ensuing class discussions.

Program Outline

Communication strategies

  • Meetings
  • Negotiation
  • Office communication
  • Small talk and business socialising

Effective writing skills

  • Emails
  • Reports
  • Proposals
  • Instructions

Language relating to a range of topics including:

  • Marketing
  • Business and technology
  • Finance
  • Advertising
  • Risk management
  • Customer service
  • Team Building

Effective presentation skills

Program Details

Tuition  €240 
Who Should Attend Professionals who wish to improve their English language proficiency and strengthen their professional communication skills.
Program Duration  30 hours 
Schedule  Wednesday 30/09/20,17:30-20:30
Wednesday 07/10/20,17:30-20:30
Wednesday 14/10/20,17:30-20:30
Wednesday 21/10/20,17:30-20:30
Wednesday 04/11/20,17:30-20:30
Wednesday 11/11/20,17:30-20:30
Wednesday 18/11/20,17:30-20:30
Wednesday 25/11/20,17:30-20:30
Wednesday 02/12/20,17:30-20:30
Wednesday 09/12/20,17:30-20:30
Dates  September 30 - December 9, 2020
Venue ACT - The American College of Thessaloniki

Special prices:

Early Bird price (for registration by September 21st): -20% (192€)
Anatolia High School or ACT alumni: -10% (215€)
Group discount for 2 or more applicants from the same company: -20% (192€)

Cumulative discount can reach a max total of -20%, provided the above conditions are met.

Program Benefits

Through the use of a variety of different teaching and learning methods, the program gives participants the opportunity to practice and improve their overall use of professional communication skills, both orally and in writing. The overall aim of the program is to enable students to realize their full potential in terms of the sophistication, relevance and fluency of their professional communication skills.

Instructor's Bio

Julie Carter has been living and working in Greece for over 25 years and has extensive experience in all aspects of English Language Teaching. She is an active examiner in both speaking and writing for major ELT exams and has acted as team leader for speaking examiners. She ran a company for some years which focused on training teachers to deliver and create more effective lessons. For many years, Julie wrote and conducted presentations for a leading publisher throughout Greece but has recently turned her attention to teaching business English and English for specific purposes. She holds a B.A. in Modern Languages and an M.A. in TESOL and applied linguistics.

Application Process

Apply here

Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate from ACT.

After sending the application form, a representative of ACT's Lifelong Learning Center will contact you for your registration and payment process.

More Information

You can contact the ACT Lifelong Learning Center at +302310-398430 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using "Advanced Business English" as your subject.


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