Dukakis Center to co-host discussion on corruption and transparency


The Dukakis Center and Transparency International Greece will co-host a panel discussion on the theme "Corruption, Transparency, and Whistle-blowing," on Friday, September 28, 7 pm, in the Bissell Library, ACT.

Featured speakers will include CIA whistleblower John Kyriakou, investigative journalist Tasos Telloglou (SKAI & Kathimerini), Professor Vassilis Barkoukis (Sports Faculty - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Dr. Anna Damaskou (Chair of the Board, Transparency International Greece and Anatolia College alumna), and Dr. Suelette Dreyfus (Executive Director, Blueprint for Free Speech).

The panel will discuss instances of transparency and whistle-blowing in various domains of public life, from international sport to national security and beyond.

ACT Professor Lambrini Nassis will moderate the discussion.

John Kyriakou is a former CIA analyst and case officer, and the author of Doing Time Like A Spy: How the CIA Taught Me to Survive and Thrive in Prison (2017). The book is an account of his trial and incarceration for publicly acknowledging in 2007 that the CIA had been using torture in the war on terror and that its use was actually official policy under the administration of President George W Bush.

Australian scholar and activist Suelette Dreyfus has research and teaching expertise in cybersecurity, hacking, digital privacy and anonymity, and integrity systems (including whistle-blowing). She works with civil society not-for-profit NGOs internationally which seek to improve the whistle-blower protection structures in their society, both in law and via the use of technology.

Vassilis Barkouki, of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, is an esteemed expert in doping in sport. The lead editor of The Psychology of Doping in Sport (Routledge, is the author of numerous publications on the topic. He has collaborated with WADA, the IOC, and the European Commission, and is currently also a track and field coach and physical education teacher at all levels of the sport.

The event will be in English and is open to the general public. A reception will follow.


Dukakis Center kicks off anniversary season at Reworks Agora

This past weekend the Dukakis Center hosted Victoria Alsina of GovLab (NYU) and the Ash Center (Harvard), who delivered the keynote lecture at the Reworks Agora 2018 conference at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall. The event was co-sponsored with the Thessaloniki U.S. Consulate General.

Dr. Alsina, shared insights from an ongoing project on information technology and citizen engagement, with examples of how blockchain technology is impacting participation, deliberation, and voting at the municipal and national levels worldwide. Dr. Alsina also addressed the question of optimization of quality citizen participation and the current debate over redefining political legitimacy in light of developments in information technology. The session was moderated by Aphrodite Bouikidis, consultant for urban innovation and international partnerships with the Resilience Office of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

Victoria Alsina is a Democracy Fellow at the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the Harvard Kennedy School and a Research Professor in the Technology, Culture, and Society Department at the New York University Tandon School of Engineering, where she directs the Crowdlaw Initiative at the Governance Lab (GovLab). As an international consultant, she has advised numerous governments, private institutions, and non-profit organizations, including the OECD, the European Union, and the Inter-American Development Bank, on issues related to public sector reform, collaborative governance and democratic innovation.

Reworks Agora is an annual conference, which takes place in the margins of the renowned Reworks Music Festival, now in its 14th year. During this one-day and cross-thematic forum, keynote speakers and experts discuss topics as activism, creativity, technology, democracy. The Dukakis Center co-hosted the keynote session in 2017, too, with a lecture by Liz Barry, Director of the urban environment at Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science.

The Dukakis Center is celebrating 20 years of public service initiatives this year, with a full program of lectures, conferences, and workshops.











Blockchain: Grassroots initiatives for democracy

A Dukakis Center event at Reworks Agora 2018 

The Dukakis Center at ACT- American College of Thessaloniki will launch its 20th anniversary season of public service initiatives by co-sponsoring with the Thessaloniki US Consulate the keynote session of Reworks Agora on Sunday, September 16, 2018, at 5 PM in the Thessaloniki Concert Hall. The featured speaker is Dr. Victoria Alsina of Harvard University and GovLab, who will discuss "Blockchain: Grassroots initiatives for democracy." The session will be moderated by Aphrodite Bouikidis, consultant for urban innovation and international partnerships with the Resilience Office of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. A limited number of free tickets are available in NB Office 1.

Victoria Alsina is a Democracy Fellow at the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the Harvard Kennedy School and a Research Professor in the Technology, Culture, and Society Department at the New York University Tandon School of Engineering, where she directs the Crowdlaw Initiative at the Governance Lab (GovLab). As an international consultant, she has advised numerous governments, private institutions and non-profit organizations, including the OECD, the European Union and the Inter-American Development Bank, on issues related to public sector reform, collaborative governance and democratic innovation.

At Reworks Agora 2018, Victoria Alsina will speak to us about how new technology offers the opportunity for public institutions to learn from our collective wisdom, reviewing good practices from around the world: from e-consultation platforms and open innovation initiatives to cryptocurrencies. Redesigning our governing practices to solve the complex policy challenges of the 21st century (and to repair the social contract!) urgently demands creating a two-way conversation between government and the governed. Let’s talk about it!

Logo with partners

Reworks Agora is a one-day, cross-thematic forum that features keynote speakers, discussions, musical performances and screenings by leading experts and pioneers in the creative economy, culture, technology and contemporary thinking.

On September 16, 2018, Reworks Agora will host speakers from Greece and abroad to present initiatives and projects on music and culture, technology, digital culture and cultural entrepreneurship that shape the future of the cultural ecosystem. The event is part of the European program, We are Europe, and will co-operate special organized programs with the internationally acclaimed forums Sonar + D (Barcelona, ​​Spain), C / O Pop (Cologne, Germany) and Today’s Art (The Hague).


Digitizing Creativity


The Hellenic Handball Federation honors ACT

On Monday, August 27, the Hellenic Handball Federation marked the official opening of 2018/ 2019 with the draws and matches of the upcoming sports season. During the festive event, the Federation acknowledged and honored the supporters of the National Beach Handball Team. ACT – The American College of Thessaloniki was one of the award recipients of the night, for its steadfast support for the National Beach Handball Teams, providing its grounds for workshops and training.

ACT is especially happy for hosting the Women National Team of Beach Handball, the winner of the gold medal at the Beach Handball World Championship 2018 in Kazan, Russia.

The award was received by Stepan Partemian, Coordinator of Athletic & Student Activities, in an atmosphere of joy and gratitude.


Results are out for the "Trikala Scholarship Competition"

Thank you for your participation and congratulations to the winners!

Below you may find the results:

First column is the list of the last 4 digits of the student ID, and the second column lists the students Exam score in percentage format.

ID Last 4 digits

Average Score in %






















Spending the summer at ACT in the “Biotechnology Camp”

The ACT summer camp “Introduction to Biotechnology", led by Dr. Mary Kalamaki, introduced high school students to concepts that are associated with biology, molecular biology, biotechnology, biochemistry and medical sciences. This new course offered two weeks of hands-on training on essential and current laboratory techniques used in microbiology, biochemistry and molecular biology. The program took place in the new state-of-the-art ACT Chemistry lab, where students completed several projects using equipment found in research laboratories and gained hands-on experience in laboratory techniques and practices such as spectroscopy, enzyme assays and the basic techniques of recombinant DNA technology.

Students, in one of their projects, isolated, characterized and molecularly identified bacteria from ice cream. They first isolated and characterized the bacteria morphologically (through the microscope). Then they performed biochemical profiling and got a tentative identification. Finally they extracted DNA from selected isolates, performed PCR analysis for the 16S gene and, after sequencing and a bioinformatics analysis; they obtained molecular identification of the bacteria.

Dr. Mary Kalamaki, Assistant Professor of Chemistry in ACT’s Division of Technology and Science is currently working on a collaborative project with colleagues from the School of Dentistry of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. They are taking tissue samples from surgery, and performing molecular analysis using ACT’s new, state of the art, real-time PCR machine. The goal is to identify genes related to wound healing and scar formation in patients following periodontal surgery. The preliminary data will be presented at the EuroPerio9, the world’s leading conference in periodontology, this June in Amsterdam. Submission of the results and analyses for publication in an international, peer-reviewed scientific journal will follow.

Next, Dr. Kalamaki will be exploring factors influencing the evolution of the microbial flora of raw milk using Next Generation Sequencing through an IRF Grant as part of ACT Internal Research Funds to work on microbial profiling of raw milk.

ACT is a premier teaching institution in Greece, and focuses on high level teaching and student development. In addition it incorporates research in its activities to further advance student learning and create new knowledge. A team of scientists of the ACT Science and Technology Department is starting a new project in the Fall aiming to investigate food safety practices in community meals (soup kitchens) in Thessaloniki. This is an innovative project, as not much information on the food handling practices of volunteers is available on a worldwide level.

ACT BioTech Camp 2018 2

There was a variety of amazing and attractive experiments that appealed to me except for the difficulties and the long procedure that we had to follow. I have never had such an experience in my life and I’d recommend anyone to join! It’s hard to say but I wanted to do more than two weeks…

ACT BioTech Camp 2018 3

ACT BioTech Camp 2018 4

Great experiments and fruitful science discussions. Congrats to the instructors! There was absolutely no drawback in the process of explaining the experiments. Great first year, good luck guys!

ACT BioTech Camp 2018 5

ACT BioTech Camp 2018 6

Very hands-on application in real life. [The program] definitely gave me a taste of different areas (bioinformatics, molecular biology, microbiology). I learnt important techniques that are taught in university. The instructors were very knowledgeable. Two weeks were not enough!

ACT BioTech Camp 2018 7

ACT BioTech Camp 2018 8


Five teams win the Pappajohn Business Plan Award

On Tuesday, 26 June, the John & Mary Pappajohn Business Plan Competition, organized by The Entrepreneurship Hub at ACT, presented the competing teams that reached the finals and the awards to the winners.

More than 110 teams from all over Greece participated in the competition this year showcasing the impact of the event. The five winning teams will receive 4,000 € each for the development of their business ideas. Apart from the award which is a generous donation by the Greek –American entrepreneur John Pappajohn, the winning teams will have access to a variety of events organized by ACT. The Pappajohn Business Plan Competition is one of the major projects led by ACT Entrepreneurship Hub which serves as a start-up accelerator that disseminates valuable know-how and innovative entrepreneurial spirit to the wider community.

The final phase of the contest was a demanding and competitive procedure since all of the teams exhibited pioneering ideas. Extra factors that played a key role in the evaluation were the maturation and feasibility of the projects, the collaborative work, and the appropriate market that could incorporate those ideas.

The five winning teams of the Competition were:

  • Biodynamic Spirits: Production of alcoholic beverages from carob seeds.
  • AsthmaFit: A system of prevention and information for asthma patients
  • Shift Automated: Shift organization system
  • RoboTiles: An educational robotic game about computer programming for children.
  • i-Plus: Smart app automatizing hotel operations via smartphones

pappajohn2018 01

George Kokkas, Director of Entrepreneurship Hub at ACT, the AsthmaFit Team (Alex Alexopoulos, Christodoulos Spagagas), Dimitris Kourtesis, Head of Research and Product Innovation Apifon and VentureGarden mentor.

pappajohn2018 02

Harris Spyropoulos from Shift Automated with George Kokkas, Director of Entrepreneurship Hub.

pappajohn2018 03

George Kokkas, Director of Entrepreneurship Hub, Nano Tsikhiseli, Antonis Panagiotidis from Biodynamic Spirits, Professor Bakouros from University of Western Macedonia.

pappajohn2018 04

George Kokkas, Director of Entrepreneurship Hub, Manolis Hatzigiannis from RoboTiles, Giota Zografaki, Adjunct Professor, ACT and VentureGarden mentor.

pappajohn2018 05

George Kokkas, Director of Entrepreneurship Hub, Alexis Kosmidis from  i-Plus, Professor Yannis Hatzidimitriou from University of Macedonia.


Educational opportunities at ACT


The American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) which is the tertiary division of Anatolia College, a private non-profit Educational Institution, is presenting its educational opportunities for students in Thessaloniki or abroad with combined degree programs in the United States.

September 14, 2018 at 6:00pm
Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre - US Pavilion

Register here

Εναλλακτικές δυνατότητες σπουδών στο ACT

To American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) που είναι ένα ιδιωτικό, μη κερδοσκοπικό εκπαιδευτικό ίδρυμα, μέλος του Κολλεγίου Ανατόλια παρουσίαζει τις σημαντικές εναλλακτικές δυνατότητες σπουδών που προσφέρει είτε με προγράμματα που γίνονται εξ'ολοκλήρου στις εγκαταστάσεις του στην Θεσσαλονίκη, είτε με συνδυαστικά προγράμματα σπουδών σε συνεργασία με κορυφαία εκπαιδευτικά ιδρύματα στην Αμερική.

14 Σεπτεμβρίου 2018 στις 18:00
Περίπτερο ΗΠΑ - ΔΕΘ

Εγγραφείτε εδώ



Career Development Program


The Career Development Program is an initiative of the Career Office to enhance the Career Readiness of ACT Students. Towards that direction, students will be able to collect Career Development Points (CDPs) towards a Career Readiness Certificate, while the top 10% of those who will be awarded the certificate will access the ACT Career Leadership Circle.

Schedule of Activities

Once you have completed an activity, you need to get a verification of attendance / completion and then submit the respective form. You can find both in the table below.

The activities that will allow you to collect points are:


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55535, Pylaia
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