ACT Sports & Athletics

ACT continues the long tradition at Anatolia College in the development and cultivation of sports and athletic activities.

Through a wide range of sports aimed at students of different levels and interests, ACT provides them with the opportunity to gain important experiences that enrich their student life.

Sports are organized both on and off the school campus through competitions with students from other colleges and universities. Regular training with specialized staff-coaches improves the level of students and creates healthy conditions for rivalry and competition.

In recent years, ACT teams have participated in events abroad (2018 Bogazici - Constantinople, Barcelona, 2017 Belgrade, 2013 Rome) but also at home (2019 Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, 2015, 2016 Athens).

The constant search for new sports and challenges became the opportunity for ACT to lead the effort to cultivate and spread Lacrosse in Greece, after contacts and cooperation with Greece Lacrosse and the Lacrosse World Federation (FIL). Highlights in this exciting new sport were the ACT partnership with the Greek Lacrosse Federation in the US and the use of the ACT campus as a training center by the Lacrosse National Team in preparation for the 2018 World Cup, as well as host to the first lacrosse match in Greece between the ACT student team and the "Bulgarian Khans" team (Nov.8, 2019).

ACT continues to enrich the athletic facilities for sports activities of ACT students with new basketball, tennis, volleyball, beach volley courts, believing that the experiences created in these spaces will be valuable and will create comradery and bonds between students.

ACT Sports & Athletics



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