Updates regarding coronavirus COVID-19

In Fall 2020, ACT is planning to deliver its normal academic offerings with very little deviation. We are preparing for an on-campus delivery, but at the same time, since the virus crisis is not over, we are also developing all the necessary protocols and mechanisms that will ensure that campus presence is safe. Recognizing that some students may not be able to physically come to campus, we are also developing the necessary infrastructure that can accommodate them with real-time electronically mediated instruction.

For the latest guidance for students, faculty and staff, please follow the link below.

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ACT Orientation: Welcoming Freshman and Study Abroad students

ACT Orientation: Welcoming Freshman and Study Abroad students

On September 17th, ACT- American College of Thessaloniki welcomed its incoming cohort of first-year and Study Abroad students. Students participated in a three-day orientation program, getting to know ACT life and its academic aspects, the history, values, and vision of the institution, and the wealth of opportunities available to them during this semester at ACT (sports, career planning, volunteer work, etc) through a mixture of lectures and hands-on, enjoyable team building activities.
The students were presented with the benefits of learning in a multicultural and diverse environment and were introduced to the ACT faculty and the academic teams from every program in an informal lunch. The orientation ended with students registering for the Fall 2019 courses that start on Monday, 23 September 2019.









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