Voluntourism: A Trip to the National Park of Lake Kerkini for... a reason!

Voluntourism: A Trip to the National Park of Lake Kerkini for... a reason!

ACT students transform leisurely trips into useful activities for the future of our planet! On March 19, 2022, in close collaboration with the Management Body of Kerkini and Oikoperiigitis Hotel, 21 ACT students ventured out and planted over 100 willow trees in the riparian area of Strimonas River. The area is degraded because of human activity and other natural reasons related to climate change. The willow trees will help wading birds by providing a place to build their nests. Later in the day, ACT students moved their efforts to a reed bed which is heavily affected by pollution, and collected 10 big bags of trash, primarily plastic bottles, microplastics, and styrofoam used as equipment by fishermen. After the volunteering activities, students relaxed and enjoyed a boat trip and bird watching on beautiful Kerkini Lake, taking in the fresh air and the snow-capped mountain views.

ACT students Kerkini 1

The objectives of this school-sponsored activity were to raise awareness among the students about conservation and to voluntarily provide help to the local organizations that protect the area. At the same time, students participated in group discussions about the significance of wetlands, tree-planting, and local biodiversity. The students left with a feeling that they could both enjoy the day and make a difference.

ACT students Kerkini 2

ACT students Kerkini 3

The President of the Management Body of Kerkini Lake, along with Oikoperiigitis and other local professionals were very thankful for the participation of ACT students in their preservation efforts. The International Programs and Student Services Office is proud to support the community while fulfilling the mission and vision of ACT to “be known as the institution that contributes to society”, and aspires to establish long-term cooperation with all parties involved in the conservation initiatives at Lake Kerkini.

You can watch the video from the Management Body of Kerkini Lake




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