ACT Psychology Public Lecture Series #2

ACT Psychology Public Lecture Series #2

ACT’s psychology program has initiated a series of free lectures/workshops open to the general public with “Biscotto Coffee+” on educational, mental health and well-being issues with the aim of informing and educating the community on a broad range of such issues.

The second lecture was delivered on March 4th, by Pepi Kolara, Speech Therapist-Special Educator, ΜSc, Director of “Kentro Alma”a multipurpose center that provides personalized services for 2-18 years old on diagnosis and treatment of learning and behavioral difficulties, support for child’s learning at home, ways that parents can improve their children’s social skills, etc.. The guest speaker gave the second lecture/workshop on “Tips for parents and educators: how to help children balance homework and free time”, in which she highlighted the importance of encouraging children to take ownership of their study responsibilities outside school and develop autonomy by allowing them choices in terms of school work and their free time.

Lectures are held in Greek once a month and information for each lecture is available at https://www.biscotto.gr/biscotto_coffee/



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