ACT Student Nikolaos Tagaras reflects on Studying Abroad at Suffolk University in Boston

ACT Student Nikolaos Tagaras reflects on Studying Abroad at Suffolk University in Boston

After Nikolaos Tagaras started his studies in Mechanical Engineering, he soon realized that he wasn't into it. It was clear to him that he wanted to work with people, so he decided to change direction and study Social Science, specifically Psychology.

He explains that “a period of personal crisis made me understand the importance of psychological and mental stability, in order to succeed in and enjoy pretty much every aspect of our lives”. Nikolaos picked Boston as his Study Abroad destination because there are many high-caliber universities there and he wanted to get to know them better in order to pursue a graduate degree at one of them. He goes on “I'd heard that it's a beautiful, clean and diverse city with a great vibe” explaining his choice to go to Suffolk University in Boston.

…my experience surpasses my expectations…

It seems really easy to adjust to life during COVID away from home, as 98% of the Suffolk University community are vaccinated, the only difference with the pre-COVID era is that you should wear a mask indoors. Nothing else seems different to Nikolaos. “Studying at an American university gives you this sense of "college life", meaning that pretty much everything you do, from where you are to what hobbies you will develop, are linked to college and your classmates” and highlights the ability to meet and talk to people his age, from literally everywhere on earth, getting to know things about their cultures and traditions and interacting with people from so diverse backgrounds. He believes that this experience will help him in the future, “as it provides me familiarity with how life in the US is, how living alone in a different country far from your family and friends is, it gives me the ability to adjust to different groups of people and respect each person's values and worldview”.

Nikolaos Tagaras, currently studying Psychology abroad in Suffolk University, Boston, suggests to everyone who meets the requirements and has enough GER courses available, to absolutely do the "study abroad program", emphasizing that he recommends studying preferably in a big, vibrant city, to live this unique experience of becoming international and getting to know the world better”. Even while Nikolaos' expectations were already high he concludes “till today, my experience surpasses my expectations and I'm really glad and grateful for this opportunity that's been given to me”.

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