A new year at ACT!

A new year at ACT!

During September, ACT kicked off the 2018-2019 school year, welcoming over 300 incoming freshman and study abroad from around the world. Students participated in a multi-day orientation program, getting to know the ACT community, fellow classmates and, for those new to the area, Thessaloniki. ACT also welcomes the 11th NUin Program students and staff. The NUin Program is a unique initiative in which students study abroad during their first semester of university. The program provides students with the opportunity to engage in experiential learning, such as Service Learning, while completing core academic requirements that earn credit towards graduation. During the first week of classes, ACT hosted a Clubs and Activities Fair and students learned about the many ways to get involved at ACT. Whether at ACT for a semester or for a full degree, ACT students are active members of the ACT community and we look forward to a great semester together.

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