How do senses and emotions influence investment decisions

How do senses and emotions influence investment decisions

The Anatolia School of Business at ACT joined forces with NN and 3K Investment Partners in order to organize a unique event on Behavioral Finance, which combined the experience of all partners.

The event successfully took place on November 30, 2016, at the Bissell Library at ACT, in front of a wide range of participants of various ages and from various industries. At first, ACT's instructor George Anastasiadis shared his long-term experience on national and regional economics, focusing on the conflict between national and global macroeconomic goals that sustain the global crisis. The second speaker, Theo Lizardos Chief Sales support 3K IP delivered a highly interesting speech on behavioral parameters and how these influence people's choices. He concluded that usually people and investors do not always act rationally, due to social factors. An interesting discussion followed, based on participants' interest on both global crisis and behavioral influence, moderated by Dr. Nikos Hourvouliades, Head of the Anatolia School of Business. The event concluded with a reception that kept discussion active and renewed interest for another similar event in the future.



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