Lansie Sylvia conducts workshop on branding and non-profit strategy

Lansie Sylvia conducts workshop on branding and non-profit strategy

«The way an organization looks really matters.»

Lansie Sylvia is a rising star in the world of non-profit branding in the United States. She works as Director of engagement at the Philadelphia-based branding agency Here’s My Chance, and visited Thessaloniki recently under the auspices of the Dukakis Center at the American College of Thessaloniki.

Lansie spoke to a select audience of non-profit activists at the Municipal building in Panorama, about her career, about the problems she most frequently encounters in her work, and how one can judge success in this most difficult professional sector.

Lansie took degrees from Rutgers and the University of Pennsylvania, and resolved to put her training into practice in Philadelphia, where she worked for a traditional fund raising agency before taking up her current position at HMC.

She has worked on campaigns for municipalities, social causes, and select private companies, in Philadelphia and throughout the US. Her most recent project in Philadelphia was called «Next Stop Democracy,» which employed local street artists to produce a campaign to encourage resident to vote in municipal elections.

What did Lansie leave those who attended her workshop? Among the many jewels in her presentation two bits stood out.

How does one «sell» a brand to a non-profit organization? Sell value, rely on testimonials and case studies which show that people really appreciate your message and your cause. You can't sell something to someone who does not really want it.

What is the biggest problem one has to overcome in reworking their brand? The power of habit. Don’t let your ego get too big, if you are seeking advice. Understand how you are different from your competition, and let us help you.



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