The Dukakis Center at the Thessaloniki International Book Fair

The Dukakis Center at the Thessaloniki International Book Fair
Διλήμματα στο Τρίγωνο Dioptra Publications

On May 7, 2-3 PM, in the Φιλολογικό καφενείο, Περίπτερο 13, Thessaloniki International Fair grounds, Dukakis Center Director David Wisner will moderate a book presentation by Dr. Spyros Katsoulas of Deree College in Athens of The Guardian's Dilemma: The Role of the US in Greek-Turkish Relations (Routledge, 2022), newly translated into Greek by Dioptra Publications as Διλήμματα στο Τρίγωνο.

Dr. Katsoulas' book theorizes the role of the United States in Greek–Turkish relations through what he dubs the "Guardian's Dilemma," exploring how the US responded to a series of crises between NATO allies Greece and Turkey in an effort to maintain effective control of the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean basins in the second half of the twentieth century. Building on the seminal writings of Monteagle Stearns and Theodore Couloumbis and on more recent work on alliance theory, the book retraces six critical moments in Greek-Turkish relations following the end of the Cold War.

With degrees from Panteion University, King's College London, and the University of Reading, Spyros Katsoulas calls himself a strategic historian. His research interests extend to geopolitics, alliances, strategic culture, and diplomatic history. The recipient of support from the Greek State Scholarship Foundation (IKY) and the Fulbright Foundation, Dr. Katsouas teaches international relations at the University of Piraeus, the American College of Greece, and the Hellenic National Defense College, and is a research associate at the Institute of International Relations in Athens.

The book presentation is being organized by Dioptra Publications at the 19th Thessaloniki International Book Fair.