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The Entrepreneurship Hub’s mission is to change the culture around entrepreneurship by:
Increasing social awareness of entrepreneurship surfacing the talent, focus and enthusiasm required to undertake entrepreneurial endeavors as well as the social and economic uptake resulting from entrepreneurship.

Training the entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing the identification of essential resources (mentors, initial investors, methods for feeling the market, key partners etc)
Networking to facilitate the reach of the essential resources.

Exploiting social awareness and training to surface the basic ingredients of entrepreneurship across society and steer social conception towards the regenerative role of entrepreneurial activities which lead socioeconomic growth.

Facilitating entrepreneurs to fully apply their potential within a receptive and encouraging environment by providing clear direction on important decisions they have to make.



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To elevate the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem to the global scene as a player among equals.


About the Hub

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The Entrepreneurship Hub aims to bridge existing gaps in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and leverage on existing structures. Entrepreneurship is a team sport and the Entrepreneurship Hub acts as the glue to bring ecosystem stakeholders together and provide with a sturdy springboard for entrepreneurial activity to launch.


The Bissell Library

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The Bissell Library American College of Thessaloniki is one of the largest private learning resource centers in Southeast Europe. Opened in the Fall of 2002, it holds one of the largest English language book collections in Greece, occupying the ground and upper levels of a 4,500-square meter building. Today, it offers a collection of over 27,000 books in print, 130,000 electronic books, DVDs and other media. Collection strengths include business, international relations, Balkan studies, communication and new media.

The Library building is Wi-Fi enabled and network ports are available for laptops. Three study zones contain 250 seats and computers accessible to enrolled students, alumni, and current Bissell Library members. An additional 24 computers are located in the Library Lab, which also features an interactive whiteboard and projection system for library orientations, information literacy teaching and other ACT instruction.

The Learning Hub is situated within the Library on the upper level, providing support to students in math, reading, writing or refining their digital skills. The Stavros S. Niarchos Technology Center is located in the basement level of the Library building and includes computer teaching laboratories, a multimedia center and lab, two viewing rooms, a Web and teleconferencing center, and the Systems Administration headquarters.


Tourism studies at ACT

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We see tourism as the future an ever-booming business that never seems to fade, whatever the circumstances. People will always have the need to travel and move places, pursue their happiness, advance their career, enjoy an exciting new experience.

For Greece, tourism is part of our culture and the greatest industry in the country. Hospitality is in our DNA. Businesses revolve around it and professionals strive to become a part of it and gain from its winning trajectory.

ACT is now the first to offer a fully integrated solution in hospitality and tourism studies that will help both high school graduates enter the field and expand their knowledge, but also post-graduate students and business professionals to hone their skills and advance their career.

Are you ready to learn from the best professionals and academics?

The Bachelor and Master programs in Hospitality and Tourism Management at ACT are the perfect opportunity to gain international expertise and get right into (the) business.

Be part of the future, today!



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It was definitely worthwhile! I learned so much about myself and my culture and also about different cultures while traveling throughout Europe. I've been back now almost two months and I constantly think about Thessaloniki and how much I miss it and I am already planning a trip to go back to Greece again!
-Andrew, University of Tampa 2015

The most incredible and enriching experience of my life... Our apartment building was right in the middle of the city. We walked out our front door and straight into the Greek culture.
-Judi, University of Wisconsin, EC 2014

ACT is a fantastic collegiate environment and the professors are well qualified. ACT staff is fantastic and makes sure that you have everything you need, are comfortable and happy, and are getting by and adjusting as easily as possible.
-Boston College student 2014

I love Thessaloniki because it isn't like living in a huge tourist city where everyone speaks English. You will feel truly immersed into the culture. This is easily one of my favorite parts of the program!
-Boston College student 2014

I became a new person after this experience in Greece. Every ACT staff I met was super friendly and quick to help. The campus was beautiful, set atop much of the city.
-Chloe "Bring Me Back" Video Contest Winner 2013

The academic side of the study abroad experience was perfect at ACT.
-Jane 2013

I loved the food here... The open air market provided a lot of great food and the restaurants were great, cheap gyros or expensive meals. Absolutely loved.
-Logan, University of Wisconsin, EC 2013

My experience in Thessaloniki was wonderful.  The food, the people, the atmosphere were all amazing and special in their own way.  I felt so fortunate to not only a part of a study abroad program in Greece, but to also be spending time in an authentic Greek metropolitan city. Thessaloniki was beautiful and vibrant and my experience there was more than I could have imagined.
-Colleen Regan - 2012


How to Apply

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ACT has collaborative agreements with a number of colleges and universities across the U.S. In all cases we encourage you to contact ACT and discuss with your home institution’s study abroad advisor as early as possible.

Study Abroad Application Deadlines

2018 Spring II January 10, 2018
2018 Summer May 25, 2018
2018 Fall May 18, 2018 (for students applying for visa)
  June 15, 2018 (for students who will not need a visa)
2018 Spring I October 16, 2018 (for students applying for visa)
  November 16, 2018 (for students who will not need a visa)

If you have any questions please contact our U.S. enrollment office for advice on options regarding your application process:

ACT Enrollment Officer
Anatolia Office of the Trustees
18 Tremont Street, Suite 704
Boston, MA 02108
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(877) 524 - 7301 toll free

If you do not attend one of ACT’s partner schools you may apply through the College Consortium of International Studies or ISA (International Studies Abroad). If after a discussion with the study abroad staff member/s at your institution you have decided that this in not the best option for you, please

apply directly to ACT


Cost & Scholarships

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Study Abroad Merit & Scholarship

ACT awards a $1,000 merit scholarship applicable towards the semester's tuition to study abroad students who have reached sophomore status at their home institution and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.6/4.0.  Accepted students will be given the opportunity to apply for the scholarship by sending their most recent transcript to the admissions office. Merit aid scholarships are available during the fall and spring semesters.

Hellenic-American Scholarship

Hellenic-American scholarships are available during the fall and spring semesters.

ACT awards scholarships that cover half tuition to eligible Hellenic American applicants. The award does not include housing, orientation, field trips and study abroad fees.

Deadline for Fall 2018 students: June 15th, 2018

Eligibility guidelines/application procedures are as follows:

  • Acceptance to the ACT study abroad program
  • Proof of enrollment as a full time student at an accredited institution in the United States or Canada
  • Proof of Greek descent
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Completion of Hellenic-American Scholarship Application Form

Study Abroad Program Fees

Program Inclusions

  • Course Credit
    • 12 credits for the Fall or Spring  
    • 18 credits for Spring I & II
    • 12 credits for Spring II & Summer
    • 6 credits in the Summer
  • E-books for applicable courses
  • Pre-departure support
  • Airport welcome 
  • Studio accommodations at off-campus housing with complimentary laundry facilities
  • A Greek/English-speaking RA in each residence
  • Two-day Orientation 
  • Morning and evening shuttle bus-service between the residence hall and campus
  • ACT Student ID card
  • ACT workshops and guest lectures
  • Full access to Bissell Library resources
  • Two-night trip to Athens and Delphi
  • Day trip to the Macedonian Royal Tombs in Vergina
  • Residence Permit Support
  • Technical and IT Support
  • Academic tutors and support
  • On-campus resident doctor or nurse (as per office hours)
  • Counseling Office (by appointment)
  • Clubs and Sports
  • On Campus Gym (limited hours)
  • 24-hour Access to running track
  • Free Wi-Fi access on campus and in the residence   
  • Service Learning Center access and SL placement
  • Transcripts

Program Exclusions

  • Transportation to/from program 
  • Visa & Residence Permit fees (if applicable)
  • Personal communication costs (e.g., phone, etc.)
  • Travel, accident and medical insurance (to be arranged prior to departure by participants) 
  • Books and supplies
  • Entertainment and personal expenses
  • Cost of additional trips offered exclusively to ACT students
  • Other items not expressly included in the program itinerary

Additional Costs & Fees 

Housing Deposit: $300

ACT follows a first come first serve housing policy. By sending in your housing application and deposit fee, you reserve your room. The deposit is refunded at the end of the successful completion of the semester, less any fees for additional expenses or damages.

Estimated Personal Living Costs:

  • Food: 250€  - 300€ / month
  • Local Transportation: 30€ - 80€ / month
  • Entertainment: 100€ - 150€ / month
  • Books and Supplies:  50€ - 150€

Visa Costs: $113 

Visa must be obtained prior to departure from the US.  The application and fee are submitted directly to the Greek Embassy/Consulate nearest to you. The fee may vary by Embassy. Contact the Greek Embassy nearest to you.

Greek Residence Permit Costs:  

  • 166€ Residence permit fee for 1 year
  • 120€ Greek insurance valid for 1 year (duration of residence permit)
  • 400€ Bank deposit that can be liquidated (student keeps the money) after application procedure
Note: Application for the permit takes place in Greece after arrival.

Special Programs

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ACT offers various programs for Study Abroad students in its pursuit to provide a truly immersive, cross-cultural learning experience in historic Thessaloniki, the student hub of Greece. 



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ACT provides off campus accommodation in safe residential areas near downtown Thessaloniki and a short drive from the ACT campus. The housing locations are well served by the city’s public bus system, with buses running at 10-15 minute intervals. Our housing is in close proximity to supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, and post offices. In addition, ACT provides a basic bus service to and from campus once per day.  An ACT Residence Assistant (RA) resides at each housing location and is there to help students settle in and get to know Thessaloniki by organizing outings and planning activities. 

The studio apartments are furnished, however you provide your own kitchenware and linens.  The building offers free Wi-Fi access and access to a common washing machine. Both single and double-occupancy studio apartments are available to study abroad students.  Housing preferences are indicated on the housing application and housing preferences are granted in the order that the housing deposits are received.

For any questions about housing contact the Student Services Office at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



P.O.Box 21021, 55510
Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel. +30 2310 398398