Dukakis Center convenes Democratic delegates debate on primaries

Two Democratic delegates honored the Dukakis Center with their presence this past Monday evening at La Place Mignonne, a local watering hole in downtown Thessaloniki. Former US Consuls General of Thessaloniki John Koenig and Alec Mally, both of whom have turned to party politics following their respective retirements from the US Foreign… More

"Is Embodied Intelligence a Necessity for Flexible, Adaptive Thinking?”

ACT Professor of Philosophy Dr. Vincent Müller was interviewed for the techemergence.com a media and market research firm focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning. What is intelligence? For some researchers, it may be quite possible to create an intelligent machine ‘in a box’, something without physical embodiment but with… More

Announcing our new programs on Hospitality and Tourism

The Anatolia School of Business at ACT, is proud to announce its new set of programs on Hospitality and Tourism. The set covers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in cooperation with international academic institutions and industry professionals. At the undergraduate level, ACT will offer three programs: a) a 2+1 program… More

Lansie Sylvia conducts workshop on branding and non-profit strategy

«The way an organization looks really matters.» Lansie Sylvia is a rising star in the world of non-profit branding in the United States. She works as Director of engagement at the Philadelphia-based branding agency Here’s My Chance, and visited Thessaloniki recently under the auspices of the Dukakis Center at the… More

ACT and HellasFin pieced the business puzzle together

ACT – American College of Thessaloniki and HellasFin organized for the first time an open round-table discussion on contemporary business issues. Mr. Nikos Pentzos, President of ZANAE was the distinguished guest, who set the tone for the questions and problems that bother today's companies. Problems rising from the long recession,… More

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