Meeting the new mentors of the Entrepreneurship Hub

The Entrepreneurship Hub of the ACT School of Business successfully organized a meeting with the mentors who support the startup teams of the Entrepreneurial Program VentureGarden  held on Wednesday, January 17, in Bissell Library.  It is particularly encouraging that distinguished entrepreneurs and business executives of Thessaloniki, many of whom are graduates… More

Interview with Nikos Pentzos ACT '91

The title “Alumnus of the Year” is considered to be one of the most important titles awarded by an educational institution to its graduates, taking into account their professional achievements, ethos and the values ​​they represent. ACT established this award in 2011 and the first to receive it was Nikos… More

Spring 2018 Study Abroad Students already on campus!

The American College of Thessaloniki celebrates the start of the spring 2018 term with the arrival of Study Abroad students from 17 different US Colleges and Universities, and the sending-off of two full-time ACT students who are studying for a year in the US at Case Western Reserve University in… More

Artificial Intelligence and Humans: A Love Story (?)

Can a human love a machine? Can a machine love a human? Should artificial beings enjoy rights, perhaps even the same rights as humans? Ultimately, are humans different from artificial beings, or could we leave behind our biological form and live on as machines? Cutting edge issues that are discussed… More

International Education Week at ACT

Monday, November 13 ACT Students, wear your ACT shirts & Study Abroad students, wear your home school shirt today. Talk to someone from abroad and make a new friend from another school!  Face painting in the ACT Commons! ACT Study Abroad & Exchange Programs: Hear from students sharing about their experiences… More

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