Interview with Kyriakos Kontaxian, President of ACT Alumni Association

Kyriakos Kontaxian, Center Manager, Mediterranean Cosmos, is President of ACT Alumni Association and an Anatolia College High School alumnus. With his inspiring and generous personality Kyriakos leads ACT Association with a new and dynamic vision engaging its members to support the education and social mission of ACT. You are an… More

ACT Alumni won the Cup!

The most successful game to date between the ACT basketball team and the SBALA-ACHS-ACT Alumni took place on Wednesday Jan.24. Nineteen alumni from graduating classes of 1990 to 2007 gathered in the Anatolia gym and played a challenging and interesting game with the fourteen ACT student-members of the ACT basketball… More

Forecasting the future of the tourism industry

The Tourism of Tomorrow conference, organized by ACT, under the auspices of SETE (The Greek Tourism Confederation), aimed to decode the future of tourism, with the help of distinguished guests and prominent professionals across the industry. Held at Makedonia Palace Hotel on Friday, January 19th, the event was deemed a… More

Lesvos: After all, it's still the Aegean!

In a crowded Town Hall meeting, organized by the Tourism Association of Molyvos, on February 3, 2018, the American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) presented the communications strategy which aims to recapture tourism growth on the island of Lesvos.  Taking into account local and regional dynamics, as they have evolved during… More

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