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Writing Center

The ACT Writing Center is a service provided to all ACT students throughout their years at ACT. It offers a warm and supportive atmosphere in which students can receive assistance with all writing assignments and with the overall development of their language skills.

The Center operates on an appointment or walk-in basis throughout the academic year, during which times both professional and peer tutors are available to assist students of all levels with improving their written and oral expression. From helping students explore a subject, to working with students to restructure a document for better coherence or unity, to rethinking and revising – the Writing Center tutors are available to provide customized guidance. Students may seek such guidance on their assignments at any stage in the writing process.

We recommend that all first-semester students visit the Writing Center to familiarize themselves with the Center's facilities, which include 2 computers on which students can draft assignments and/or conduct writing-related research, and discuss with the tutor the range of services which the Center can offer during their years at ACT.

The ACT Writing Center is located on the 2nd floor of the Bissell Library. We accept either walk-in appointments or those scheduled in advance. To contact the Writing Center for an appointment, please call Ms Marianne Dundon, Ms Nicola Kondoyiannis-Zannis or a student tutor on 2310398223 or send an e-mail to either or

We look forward to assisting you with any language-development or writing-related tasks.

Writing Center Hours
Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays
11:00 - 13:00
14:00 – 16:00

12:30 – 14:30
17:00 – 18:30

11:00 – 13:00
14:00 – 16:00
12:00 – 13:00
17:00 – 18:30
11:00 – 13:00


Math Tutoring
Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays
17:00 – 18:30 17:00 -18:30 17:00 – 18:00 - -


Academic Advising

All ACT students are assigned a faculty advisor during New Student Orientation. Freshman/First Year advising is done exclusively by the Academic Advising Coordinator. Subsequently, another faculty member is assigned to a student to serve as his or her advisor most probably until graduation. The Academic Advisor helps students to plan their overall program of studies, as well as to select courses each semester. Advisors also provide information about ACT academic and support services, assist students in confronting problems they may be experiencing with particular courses within a given semester, and offer ongoing advice concerning the students' long-term academic and career goals.

An Academic Advisor is not only a person with whom students can discuss particular problems―he or she is also someone who is there to help students with larger issues concerning their goals for receiving the best possible education they can while at ACT. In addition, the Academic Advisor is the faculty member with whom students will have to meet in advance of every registration period to work out their course schedule for the following semester. The Academic Advisor is also the first person students must consult if they are considering changing their major field of study, declaring a double major, concentration, or minor, and the person whose signature they must obtain and with whom they should discuss the consequences if they decide to withdraw from a course during a semester in progress.


Business Liaison/Career Services

The Career Office provides services for current students and alumni of all ACT programs. Come to the office for help with CV/Resume-writing, Career Planning and job forecasting, Job-Search and Interviewing Strategies, and Internships and Experiential Learning Opportunities.  

We also organize workshops, discussions and seminars around various topics related to your career and the job market. Check our Facebook page or  the act events page for regular updates.

The Career Office also serves as Liaison with the Business Community, and helps to build and strengthen ties between ACT and companies, institutions and organizations throughout the local, national and international business environment.
The services of the BLCS office are available to all interested companies. Company managers, HR directors, etc., are welcome to contact us in search of suitable personnel in many areas of expertise.

The office is located in the Bissell Library Building.


Indicative List of Employers of ACT Graduates

Public & Private Services

◦    Alpha Credit Bank
◦    Arthur Andersen
◦    Bank of Attica
◦    Barclays
◦    British Council
◦    Business Architects
◦    Citibank
◦    Computerland
◦    Coopers & Lybrand
◦    Creative Advertising
◦    Drama School of Thessaloniki
◦    Eurobank
◦    Exostis
◦    F.I.A. (Financial Investment Advisors) Commercial Union
◦    Frontistiria Lord Byron
◦    Interamerican
◦    Image Bank
◦    Macedonian Museum of Modern Art
◦    Nationale-Nederlanden / ING
◦    Nedon Investments
◦    Panafon
◦    Point Zero Advertising
◦    SANI Resort SA
◦    Singular International
◦    Zorpidis Travel Agency 

Industry and Commerce
◦    3E Coca-Cola SA
◦    Adidas Hellas
◦    Alumil SA
◦    Chrysler
◦    Cotton Blue
◦    E. Tsantalis
◦    Fibran
◦    Ford- Krikos
◦    General Foods - Barbastathis
◦    Goody's
◦    Hellenic Fabrics AKKAS
◦    Hewlett Packard UK
◦    Boutaris & Son
◦    Johnson & Johnson
◦    K&N Efthimiadis
◦    Proctor and Gamble
◦    Sarah Lawrence
◦    SATO
◦    Stiebel Eltron Miele
◦    Studio Costa Boda

Organizations / Chambers
◦    American – Hellenic Chamber of Commerce
◦    British Council
◦    Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in Southeast Europe


The following websites are just a few of the many useful Internet resources, providing job-related information:




Graduate Education Counseling

ACT's Graduate Education Office (GEO) guides students in their further educational goals. Graduates are assisted throughout the process of selecting appropriate programs and applying to ACT's or other postgraduate programs in numerous ways such as: website addresses for research into colleges / universities suited to their needs and qualifications, and coordination of recommendation letters prepared by faculty members. Two workshops are offered every fall semester, one for students interested in studying in the US (U.S. Advisor: Mrs. Eva Kanellis, ), the other targeted towards studying in the United Kingdom (U.K. Advisor: Mr. Costas Danas,

Students should visit the Graduate Education Advisors as soon as possible (1st and 2nd year) and not wait until their 3rd or 4th year, when the need for postgraduate education is just around the corner.

A recent survey of ACT alumni revealed that more than 30% have gone on to pursue postgraduate studies at leading universities.

Instructions for students/alumni applying to Graduate Schools

Students who wish to apply for graduate school studies should arrange to meet with the appropriate Graduate Education Advisor, to discuss the following:

  • Which programs they are interested in
  • How to write a personal statement
  • The application procedure in general

In order to process an application form you MUST:

  • Complete a processing letter form in which you are required to declare which universities you will be applying to
  • Supply a list with the names of the faculty giving you recommendation letters
  • Provide reference forms usually provided on the university website or in the application package from the university.

Useful Links For Graduate Schools

This site contains official, regularly updated information on the following standardized tests: GRE, GMAT, TOEFL. You will find information about the entire process, from exam preparation, to score reporting at:
Additionally, this site provides useful information about graduate and postgraduate studies along with financial aid and scholarships opportunities.

The Hobsons Association provides a very good and informative site and an easy way to access the data with its quick links (use them).

Read the detailed rankings of the world's top full time MBA programs according to the Financial Times.
The Guardian provides a complete interactive universities guide by subject along with profiles for each college and university. The site is user friendly and extremely helpful to future postgraduate students.
A site that provides information about graduate programs around the world (USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan etc.

View the latest 2009 college rankings and university rankings on the web. These include the US News and World Report College
This site can be very useful since it has a map where you can click on the state you are interested in studying in and be taken to a list of the colleges and universities in that state.
You may also visit, one of the oldest and most complete directory of universities and colleges in the US

The RAE invited institutions from the UK to "tell their story" and afterwards a panel of highly respected college and university professors rated the quality of education offered at each institution and its individual departments.
The Times league Table of Universities provides a very reliable ranking of higher education institutions located in the UK.
An alphabetical list of universities and colleges in the United Kingdom.

Thinking of attending a Graduate School in Europe? This site could help you. It lists all the European countries with links to their respective colleges and universities.

The International Centre of Distance Learning provides a site with a catalogue of programs, courses, and institutions for part time attendance. This organization cooperates with 1,000 institutions worldwide that offer distance learning.
For anyone who is interested in part time distance programs, this is the site to visit. The site, besides offering a search engine for a quick search, provides information about registration.
Finally, information about scholarships and distance learning is available at

Leading Graduate Schools where ACT graduates have admitted


  • Boston University
  • Emerson College
  • Harvard Business School
  • Georgetown University
  • Northeastern University
  • Pace University
  • School of Visual Arts (New York)
  • Suffolk University
  • Syracuse University
  • University of Rochester
  • University of Southern California


  • Aston University
  • Birkbeck College
  • Brunel University
  • Cambridge University
  • City University
  • Kingston University
  • Lancaster University
  • London School of Economics
  • Ulster University
  • University of Aberdeen
  • University of Bath
  • University of Buckingham
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Essex
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Liverpool
  • University of London
  • University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST)
  • University of Middlesex
  • University of Portsmouth
  • University of Staffordshire
  • University of Surrey
  • University of Sussex
  • University of Wales at Cardiff
  • University of Warwick
  • University of the West of England-Bristol
  • University of Westminster
  • Wales University, University of Aberystwyth


  • City College of Thessaloniki
  • European University in Barcelona
  • EAP European School of Management
  • Ecole Hoteliere De Lausanne
  • Hogerschool van Arnhemen Nijmegen
  • International Management Institute in Brussels
  • University of Alba
  • University of Amsterdam
  • Pont and Chauces
  • St. Xavier, University of Chicago - Paris
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel


  • University of Sydney
  • University of Technology, Sydney

Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office is responsible for registering students, keeping academic records, preparing the final exam schedule and the schedule of classes (click here for class schedule), issuing certificates of studies, as well as preparing student academic records. For further information, please contact the Registrar, Mrs. Antigoni Vlachopoulou, at



Off-campus housing (rooms & studios), located conveniently close to shops, supermarkets, restaurants and with easy access to public transportation, is available for study abroad students.

Assistance is also provided to regular degree students in locating and renting off-campus apartments in downtown Thessaloniki and the surrounding areas.


Study Abroad Opportunities For ACT Students

Each semester, ACT hosts a number of study abroad students, chiefly from the United States. The College also maintains over 40 study abroad agreements with U.S. and Canadian schools and one-for-one exchange agreements with University of Northern Iowa, John Cabot University, Marymount Manhattan College, University of Mount Union, University of North Florida and University of Texas, San Antonio. Through these agreements, ACT students may spend a semester at a college in the U.S., and upon return to ACT receive full transfer credit for all courses successfully completed while abroad.

As a member of the Association of American International Colleges and Universities (AAICU), ACT cooperates with the other member institutions in assisting student exchanges. Accordingly, students planning to study abroad for up to one academic year may wish to consider applying to AAICU member institutions. The member institutions will consider for admission as non-degree students, preferably in their junior year, suitable applicants, who are in good academic standing and recommended by their home institution. The credits awarded by the host institutions are recognised as meeting degree requirements at ACT on condition that advance approval has been obtained from the Office of Academic & Student Affairs. Interested students should obtain their advisor's permission and then apply directly to the preferred AAICU member institution. Participants are responsible for paying directly to the cooperating school the tuition and fees in effect there.

The members of the AAICU are: The American College of Greece, ACT, The American University of Beirut, The American University in Bulgaria, The American University in Cairo, The American University of Paris, Franklin College (Switzerland), Haigazian University (Lebanon), Institute for American Universities (France), John Cabot University (Italy), Lebanese American University, Richmond, The American International University in London, and University of LaVerne (Greece).


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