School of Business

Business Division

The business education envisioned by ACT is unique for its comprehensive view of management and explicit focus on fostering entrepreneurial approaches to management in the region. Graduates will have acquired an appreciation of the interactions among all elements of an organization and be ideally equipped to lead entrepreneurial activity throughout Southeast Europe over the next decades. The foremost goal of the business curriculum is to develop and strengthen students’ coherent and logical thinking processes in order to make and implement sound, ethically responsible business decisions throughout their careers.

Goals & Objectives Available Courses BS in Business Administration


Human Resource Management International Business

School of Arts, Sciences & Technology

Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Division of Humanities and Social Sciences provides introductory and advanced instruction in all areas of the human sciences, with undergraduate programs of distinction in English and New Media, and International Relations. Teaching and research strengths within the division include: history, politics, and European integration; communication and media, modern literature, and language teaching methodology; psychology; anthropology; social and cultural studies. In addition, the Division offers a solid liberal arts course basis to all ACT’s academic and professional programs.

Goals & Objectives Available Courses BA in International Relations BA in English




Diplomacy and International Relations Communication and New Media

Division of Technology & Sciences

The computing curriculum is both rigorous and challenging and provides students with both theoretical background but also the practical skills needed by organizations and companies across the board. Still aiming to provide a well-rounded education, not only expert functional training, the program allows students to readily combine Computing studies with other disciplines such as Business, etc.. The school's IT labs, Electronics-Robotics lab and Fabrication Lab in the Niarchos Technology Center make state-of-the-art IT facilities easily accessible to students in the program.

Goals & Objectives Available Courses BS in Computer Science BS in Business Computing


Computer Science Multimedia and Web Development


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